Many students and parents do not have even the slightest idea of college tennis recruitment services. With this, here are the frequently and commonly-asked queries about the service and their corresponding answers:

  • What is the recruitment service about?
    College Prospects of America (CPOA), one of the reputable and well-established sports marketing service providers, helps students find colleges and universities through the sport that they are really good at. This is their ticket to get scholarships.
  • Is the process complicated?
    All processes may seem complicated at first, but once step 1 is accomplished, everything else will be easier.
  • How does the college recruitment work?
    The student has to send their resumes to the home office of CPOA first. After the site has uploaded it, they will also personally send emails to colleges and universities. Through this, university coaches can have a better look at the students’ profiles.
  • Do the coaches check the performance of all the students whose profiles are on the website?
    The coaches usually read the profiles of all the applicants and narrow down their list. Whoever remains on their list, they would sometimes visit a game where the student is the player.

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