There are different questions that run across the minds of parents before they finally seek help from college placement companies that provide academic scholarship services. Some of the commonly-asked queries are the following:

  • What is the main goal of college placement service providers such as the College Prospects of America (CPOA)?
    Their primary aim is to help build many, strong links between their clients and the different college and universities in America that offer academic scholarships and also for student-athletes.
  • Are grades one of their criteria?
    Most colleges and universities really check the grades of the students and for some, grades are definitely one of their criteria for evaluation.
  • Do college and universities also grant scholarships for students whose family income is average to above average?
    Yes. There are institutions who give out scholarships without making family income is one of their components for evaluating whether a student is eligible for a scholarship or not.
  • Can CPOA market their students well?
    Definitely! That is where people at CPOA are really excellent at. They make sure their students will find the best schools and these schools will find the best students.