It is important that you have a game plan when it comes to getting the attention of college coaches. You don’t just wait for them to show up on your front step and offer you a scholarship. Here are tips to make you a step closer to getting into the school of your dreams.

  • Determine your academic goals first – By setting a goal, this actually lets you focus on the schools you want. Find a school that meets your academic, social and athletic goals.
  • Decide what kind of athletic experience you want – You need to have an informed opinion about what life as a college student athlete is. Ask your coaches about it and look into schools where you can compete at a higher level. There is no point being a student athlete if you are not in an environment that encourages you to be better at what you do.
  • Understand the recruiting process – Know when the recruiting process begins so you can prepare. For most student athletes, the official recruiting season for the majority of sports begins on July 1 in the summer after junior year and it ends with the official admissions letter from the college.