Although a great number of people already know the benefits of the college placement services, others do not have even the slightest idea about it. For those who want to play NCAA college sports and become student-athletes/sports scholars, they can learn more from the following commonly-asked questions about the sports recruitment services?

  • What does a college placement service provider do?
    A college placement service provider such as the College Prospects of America, Inc. (CPOA) helps their clients increase their chances of getting scholarship grants by expanding their search for colleges and universities that offer sports scholarships for athletically-skilled individuals.
  • Does monthly or annual family income matter in applying for scholarships?
    Yes. Some schools consider the applicant’s monthly or annual family income in trying to decide whether or not he/she can be granted with a scholarship but there are also other schools that do not include the family income in their criteria.
  • Do grades also matter?
    Yes. They also look at the GPAs of the applicants.