Looking for scholarships turns out to be a family affair because everyone gets involved in searching for the best school to send their kids to. However, all the excitement can make us overlook the truth behind college recruitment. Here are some of the common misconceptions about it.

  • If you are good enough, coaches will always find you – The truth is, if you think you are good, there might be hundreds of better athletes out there who are more aggressive in terms of being noticed. Don’t just lie on your back and think that just because you are good, coaches will be knocking on your door. You need to do your part.
  • You have plenty of time – If you are putting off college applications because you think you have all the time in the world, stop. A big number of high school athletes are identified as college prospects even during their freshmen year. Don’t wait until you are a senior to start working as a great athlete.
  • Your coach’s connection will do the job for you – What you need to realize is that the primary responsibility of your coach is to train you. Their training is what will eventually make you a great athlete.