For boys and girls who are great in playing volleyball, you can start handing in your application to a college placement agency so you will have more opportunity to be assessed by colleges and universities. The College Volleyball Recruiting team looks at the following among the students:

  • The student athlete takes the right classes starting from freshman year that will affect their NCAA eligibility (like English and math)
  • Register with the NCAA to validate their status as an amateur athlete
  • Make a list of the schools that you want to attend and play for to focus your goals
  • Create a video that highlights your skills, especially in sports, to impress potential recruiters and schools
  • Research the schools that you want to attend to better understand your goals
  • First contact – be aggressive to potential recruiters
  • Increase exposure during games or camps – to make a good and lasting impression

The College Prospects of America, Inc. will help students, who strive for excellence, achieve their dreams.