At the present moment, there are hundreds of universities across America with scholarships and financial aid available to student-athletes in different sports who meet specific academic and athletic requirements. And many of these institutions recruit athletes and student scholars from all over the world.

College Prospects of America (CPOA), founded in 1986, is a leader in the student counseling and marketing industry.

Since our inception, CPOA’s primary goal has been to help parents and students find the best educational opportunities available to them at the best possible price. Although our focus from the start has been on working with student-athletes and their parents, the primary principles are the same when working with non-athletes and their parents: presenting verified information to college and university decision-makers with a goal of enhancing admissions and financial aid opportunities.

The information we provide to colleges and universities is free. This allows all schools to have an opportunity to review a student’s qualifications, not just those who have the resources to buy expensive lists or have access to other subscription-based services.

For our client-families, we present the student’s academic and extra-curricular record on a .PDF form for review by Admission’s Officers. The student’s record is updated annually. Video and financial aid form assistance is also available.

CPOA’s services have always been so well received by parents, students and college coaches that it was inevitable that they be made available to student-scholars and their parents.

The cost of higher education is daunting. In many cases it will be the most expensive investment that parents will make and it almost certainly will be their most expensive purchase on behalf of their son or daughter. This is true even with scholarship assistance. It is essential that a wise decision be made, a difficult task for those going through this process for the first time.